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TAD { King of Hearts }

Magician / Student

My performance will amaze and defy the truth. You will be left in awe...

He is enamored by thoughts of attaining his childhood dream of becoming a magician and illusionist. The possibilities run through his head as he is amazed by all the gadgets Llod's Carnival has crafted. If he chooses this path, he may be outfitted with a gauntlet that allows him to perform magic and illusions with utter perfection. He will be able to perform and entertain an audience and they’ll clamor for more. If he overuses and abuses the gadgets, he will suffer a painful and slow dying death. Will he get the help he needs to save his own life or will he sacrifice himself for his dream and the benefit of others? A dagger is pressed firmly into his heart knowing the potential sacrifices he will need to make in order to make his legacy a reality and prove that true love exists.
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