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Jin { King of Diamonds }

Professional Fire Breather

The fire comes from my soul. I breathe for you to see the light which will give you delight!

A world-renowned, well respected, and dedicated fire breather from the Orient serves as the best and only professional fire breather for Llod’s Carnival. He comes from a long lineage of fire breathers from South East Asia. His roots define who he is and captures the attention of audiences from close and afar. With his reputation, the carnival has catapulted to new heights and his performance has stunned many. He spews fire with precision using a deadly cocktail of chemicals and alien substances which is breathtaking to behold. His reputation has earned him the nickname of Jin 'The Fire Breathing Dragon' or 'The Spitting Cobra'. With the constant contact of Lodscovium and other toxic chemicals, it has resulted in Jin dying a slow painful death from fire-eater's lung and other complications. He suffers from severe pains which have no known cure. However, he persists and states that the show must go on. If he remains obstinate, his show will become too frosty and the alien radioactive fluid will have the opposite effect. Will he continue to risk his life to carry on the lineage and reputation as the best fire breather on earth?
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