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Cassandra { Queen of Spades }

Professional Prostitute

I have nothing but love for all living things. I want to share my gifts without any judgement and make everyone happy.

Cassandra is a high-end classy mutant prostitute who is an employee of Llod's Carnival. Her responsibility is to keep carnival patrons happy during their time at the venue. She will catch the eye of any male or female she crosses paths with. Her eyes are alarmingly life-like and a bosom that would make any human or mutant beg for their attention. She wears alien-powered gadgetry that puts patrons in a trance and customers reciprocate with handfuls of cash.

The snake DNA will make her less prone to the alien radiation, but she still gets sick from direct exposure. She is adorned with highly fashionable jewelry that adds to her undeniable magnetic attraction.  Will she absorb too much Lodscovium and perish or will she resort to other means to make a living?

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